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Former Starling named All American

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Colleen OuradaFormer Omaha Starling, Colleen Ourada, is now a senior at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. You may remember her from Nationals a few years ago, she is the one that had to play all wrapped up because she has had three hip surgeries. In addition to setting the all school kill record at Augsburg, yesterday she was named All-American. Congratulations!

News from Florida club

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We took the crew to Daytona Beach to watch Alexas Thomas (a freshman from our Brevard County Starlings club) play her final home match of the season for Bethune Cookman University. It turns out that a bunch of Cocoa people were there to see a freshman girl from South Carolina State named Alexis Moses. Small world, they both attended and played volleyball together at Kennedy Middle school. Alexis moved to South Carolina after her 8th grade year. They are still great friends!!! I have been a part of the Kennedy Middle School volleyball program since its inception almost 10 years ago.
Getting Starlings in the middle school is a great choice. It has made a huge difference in Central Brevard County. And apparently in the MEAC conference. They are both outstanding players.

USA Women assist new Anaheim Starlings

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80 Junior High girls in Anaheim came out to the American Sports Center this spring to participate in the first Starlings Anaheim volleyball program. Anaheim is the training home of the USA Women’s National Team and Head Coach Karch Kiraly thought it would be a good idea for the players to give something back to the community that generously hosts them. The reaction from the participating girls has been overwhelming and the program has also generated newspaper articles and the recognition of the City of Anaheim.

For information about the Anaheim Starlings program contact:

Jason Dillard


2013 Tournament Final Standings

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Download 2013 Final Standings as a PDF

2013 Starlings National Tournament18s Division

1. Omaha (18 Gold Champion)
2. San Gabriel
3. South Phoenix
4. City of LA (COLA) Gray
T5. Hacienda Heights
T5. Oak Hills
7. City of LA (COLA) Blue (18 Silver Champion)
8.  Tehachapi
9.  Monrovia2013 Starlings National Tournament
10.  Indianapolis
11.  La Puente
12.  Ridgecrest
13.  Toledo (18 Bronze Champion)
14.  Watsonville
15.  Eastlake
16.  Oceanside
17.  Chula Vista
18.  Kearny SD
19.  San Diego City (18 Copper Champion)
20.  LA West2013 Starlings National Tournament
21.  Scripps Ranch
22.  South Central LA
23.  Salton Sea

16s Division

1. Shonto 16-1 (16 Gold Champion)
2. Tijuana
3. South Phoenix Legacy
4. Shonto 16-2
T5. Hacienda Heights B2013 Starlings National Tournament
T5. University City
T7. Oak Hills
T7. South Phoenix Shock
9. City of LA (COLA) Blue (16 Silver Champion)
10. San Gabriel White
11. Tehachapi Chloe
12. Indianapolis
13. Tehachapi Danielle
14. Ridgecrest
15. San Gabriel Red (16 Bronze Champion)
16. South Central LA2013 Starlings National Tournament
17. Hacienda Heights A
18. Clairemont
19. City of LA (COLA) Gray
20. San Diego City
21. City of LA (COLA) White (16 Copper Champion)
22. Mission Bay
23. SD Navajo
24. Eastlake
25. Oceanside (16 Flight 2 Champion)
26. Wastonville2013 Starlings National Tournament
27. Lemon Grove

14s Division

1.  Phoenix Nick (14 Gold Champion)
2.  Monrovia
3.  City of LA (COLA)
4.  Lemon Grove Carlos
T5. Louisville
T5. University City Liz
7.  Phoenix September (14 Silver Champion)
8.  Hacienda Heights
9.  SD Navajo Ken
2013 Starlings National Tournament10.  San Gabriel
11.  Omaha Butch
12.  Oak Hills Jesse
13.  Omaha Karla (14 Bronze Champion)
14.  Tehachapi Pete
15.  Eastlake Ron
16.  Phoenix Denise
17.  Oak Hills Bailey
18.  Anaheim
19.  Lemon Grove Rebecca (14 Copper Champion)
20.  SD Navajo Bob2013 Starlings National Tournament
21.  South Central LA
22.  SD Navajo Randy
23.  Tehachapi Jason (14 Flight 2 Champion)
24.  Oceanside
25. LA West
26. Mission Bay
27. Ridgecrest Purple (14 Flight 3 Champion)
28. Eastlake Rocco
29. Ridgecrest Gold2013 Starlings National Tournament
30. San Francisco
31. Eastlake Carolan (14 Flight 4 Champion)
32. Eastlake Nicole
33. Tehachapi Kelsey

12s Division

1. Monrovia (12 Gold Champion)
2. Tuba City
3. Phoenix Adam
4. Shonto
5. Hacienda Heights
6. San Gabriel Red (12 Silver Champion)
7. SD Navajo Lisa
8. South Central LA
9. City of LA (COLA) A
10. University City
11. Tijuana (12 Bronze Champion)
12. Eastlake Rachel
13. San Gabriel White
14.Chula Vista
15. Clairemont
16. City of LA (COLA) B (12 Copper Champion)
17. Oceanside
18. Eastlake Ari
19.Eastlake Elima
20. SD Navajo Caylee