Starlings directors convention wraps in SD

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It seems the following comment by our Starlings club director from Indianapolis, Michelle Brittain-Watts says it best:

“What a wonderful day, the Director’s Convention 2013! So much excitement and passion for the cause! Stay strong and focused, the reward is greater than the struggle!”

2013 Directors Convention2013 Directors Convention

2013 Directors Convention2013 Directors Convention2013 Directors Convention

Starlings boys program to launch in San Diego

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After 16 years of building the largest Junior Volleyball Club in the nation, exclusively serving girls, we are now going to include boys in the program. The effort will be partnered with USA Volleyball with the initial tournament to be held in San Diego in December 2012.

The pilot program for the first year will concentrate in Southern California with tournaments being held in San Diego. The plan is to expand to other areas in 2013.

For information, contact program director, Mani Santos, at 619-809-7204 or mani7 (at) cox (dot) net.

Final standings from 2012 Nationals online

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In years past, Mobile, Ala. 12s struggled to simply win a match in the Starlings National Tournament.

Something was different this year, though.

It took team more than 30 hours to travel over 1,900 miles to the 15th annual Nationals. Mobile coaches told Byron Shewman they used everything but a boat to make it to San Diego. But once here, Mobile was unstoppable, finishing the weekend as the gold champion in its division.

Along with Mobile, Omaha repeated as the 18s champion, Shonto won the 16s division and Phoenix-Nick took the 14s title.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

To view the final standings for the 2012 tournament, click here to download the PDF.

2012 Literary/Art Winners announced

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There were some great entries and congratulations to those below as to all that entered. Thanks to those coaches also who encouraged participation. You will see that a few certain clubs had several winners.

Awards will be presented at the Opening Ceremony on Thursday night. Also all art entries will be brought there so if any girls want their art entries to take home, they should be picked up there.

A big thanks to our judges one more year: Jane Mattox, Barbara Garrison and Rosie Mason.

Seniors, Juniors:
1st Poetry – Kayla Edwards (Oakland)
2nd Poetry – Jessie Pangelina (Oakland)
1st Essay – Laura Tatro (COLA)
2nd Essay – Ellen Moses (Oakland)
1st Art – Carrie Browder (Nashville)
2nd Art – Jessica Dominguez (San Gabriel)

Sophomores, 9th:
1st Poetry – Glenda Rodriguez (Nashville)
2nd Poetry – Chelsea Milan-Dixon (City of LA)
3rd Poetry – Nadia Francis (Nashville)
Honorable Mention Poetry- Sophie Perlini (Toledo)
1st Essay – Elisa Ray (Nashville)
2nd Essay – Kristel Teuscher (Ridgecrest)
Honorable Mention Essay – Cyndi Silva (City of LA)
Honorable Mention Essay – Nancy Mejia (La Puente)
1st Art – Rebecca Floyd (Ridgecrest)
2nd Art – Jenna Mendenhall (Oak Hills)
3rd Art – Mary Anderson (Nashville)
Honorable Mention Art – Ashley Fuqua (Nashville)
Honorable Mention Art – Markelle Berry (Ridgecrest)
Honorable Mention Art – Jamera Stanciel (Nashville)

8th, 7th:
1st Poetry -Cassidy Lambeth (Tehachapi)
2nd Poetry – Roxanne Menchaca (San Gabriel)
3rd Poetry – Stephanie Schaffer (Navajo SD)
1st Essay – Darcee Young (San Gabriel)
1st Essay) – Corinne Wagner (San Gabriel)
2nd Essay – Nina Tabrize (Navajo)
3rd Essay – Asiana Ollero (Oakland)
Honorable Mention Essay- Jolynn Robbins (Shonto)
1st Art – Hannah Clyde (Oak Hills)
2nd Art – Gaby Balistreri (Navajo SD)
Honorable Mention Art – Madison Quiroz (Oak Hills)
Honorable Mention Art – Gabriela Pacheco (San Gabriel)
Honorable Mention Art – Taya Johnson (Oakland)

6th and under:
1st Essay – Rainy Hoskie (Shonto)
2nd Essay – Katelyn Collins (Lemon Grove)
3rd Essay – Kayla Conley (City of LA)
Honorable Mention Essay – Nikole Opeodu (Eastlake)
1st Poetry – Kelsei Brown (Mobile)
2nd Poetry – Imani R. Nicholson (Mobile)
Honorable Mention Poetry – Gabrielle Ricks (Oakland)
1st Art – Victoria O’Sullivan (Oakland)
1st Art – Katelan Johnson (Nashville
2nd Art – Tara Mayo (Nashville)
2nd Art – Rachel McCormick (Ridgecrest)
2nd Art – Olivia Gastaldo (Lemon Grove)
3rd Art – Brooklyn Perrin (Nashville)
Honorable Mention Art – Celestial Barrera (City of LA)
Honorable Mention Art – Adrianna Petterson (Phoenix)
Honorable Mention Art – Aniya Bettis (Mobile)

April Clairmont (Tuba City)
Amecia Young (Oakland)
David Cordes (Ridgecrest)
Dee Dee Perlini (Toledo)
Darlene Hall (Oakland)

*Club Entry:

These coaches should be recognized not only for their time and effort on the court but their literary submissions.

Coaches: April Clairmont (Tuba City) | Amecia Young (Oakland) | David Cordes (Ridgecrest) | Dee Dee Perlini (Toledo) | Darlene Hall (Oakland)