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Starlings boys program to launch in San Diego

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After 16 years of building the largest Junior Volleyball Club in the nation, exclusively serving girls, we are now going to include boys in the program. The effort will be partnered with USA Volleyball with the initial tournament to be held in San Diego in December 2012.

The pilot program for the first year will concentrate in Southern California with tournaments being held in San Diego. The plan is to expand to other areas in 2013.

For information, contact program director, Mani Santos, at 619-809-7204 or mani7 (at) cox (dot) net.

SD Friendship/Grass Tournament a hit

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San Diego Annual Friendship/Grass TournamentSan Diego Annual Friendship/Grass TournamentSan Diego Annual Friendship/Grass Tournament

Once again, beautiful weather, gorgeous setting, great atmosphere.

Wins and scores didn’t matter—only fun and friendship. Many thanks to Mani Santos, Irene Mello and Dennis Herrmann as well as to everyone who participated. Over 60 teams played this year.

Starlings coach does an Ironman

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Lacee is director and coach for us in San Francisco and her sister, Lindsay, coaches for us too. They are daughters, and ex-collegiate players, of my old friend and teammate, Danny Patterson.

Danny was founder of Paradise Bakery, which has sponsored most of our Arizona teams for many years.

Lacee shares the same determination and work ethic as her dad. Quite an accomplishment.


From: Lacee Phillips
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 10:36 PM
To: Byron Shewman
Subject: Hi!

Hi Byron!

Hope you’re doing well! It sounds, like always, that you have been busy. I thought of you because I just had my first “coaches meeting” for the start of the season. We hope to have 4 teams this year between San Francisco and Daly City. John Kast is the guy who sent you the email about getting in touch and he is great. He has more experience than I do with the logistics, so it will be great to have him on board.

On another note, I know my dad told you that I finished the AZ Ironman :) It has been quite the stretch as I’ve balanced teaching full time, training, and the family. There is nothing like the point in the run around mile 22 when you realize, ‘I AM going to finish’–it makes all the work with every minute. Anyway, my dad thought you might want a picture or two.

Looking forward to the start of another volleyball season :)

Happy belated Thanksgiving


Coaches Across America available

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This notice is to inform you that the Coach Across America’s 2012/13 Application for Coaches is now open to organizations. If you are interested in hosting coaches through ourCoach Across America (CAA) program to help build capacity at your organization at minimal costs through our National AmeriCorps grant, please complete the ONLINE application.

In 2011, CAA received $1 million from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to train and place 250 coaches in Up2Us member organizations.  We will soon be applying for additional funding through CNCS. Therefore, this application will be used to include your organization in our 2012/13 grant request.

CAA is an AmeriCorps program launched by Up2Us to provide its member organizations with the resources and support to select and manage high quality sports-based youth development coaches to serve youth in our nation’s most vulnerable communities. CAA coaches are high school and college graduates who seek to use their passion for sports in a year of service.  In return for their service, CAA coaches receive a small living allowance and an education award that can be used to pay tuition or forgive student loans.  CAA contracts with Up2Us members to act as “Service Sites” for CAA coaches and helps them to recruit, supervise, train and evaluate coaches that serve in their respective programs.


If you are interested in hosting CAA coaches, please complete the coach request application at the below link by Tuesday, November 8th.



Please also reference the Service Site Match & Up2Us Contribution Structure 2012-13.pdf, found at this link: Service Site Match & Up2Us Contribution Structure 2012-13

This document is meant to help clarify the funding structure of the Up2Us contribution, your Service Site Match and the total benefits for coaches awarded through this application. Please use this document to help you determine the number of CAA coaches that your organization can support and manage.

Thank you.

In service,


Christina M. Williams Saulter

Program Director

Coach Across America