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2011 National Champions crowned

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Congratulations to the winners of the 14th Annual Starlings National Tournament!

18s Omaha (pictured above) def. Hacienda Heights

16s South Bay def. Tuba City

14s Tijuana def. Team AZ/Doug

12s Monrovia def. Team AZ/Amber

To view complete standings, click here to download PDF.

Special thanks to Becky Hudson for producing the final standings.

Special girl and Edeline to meet

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Note from Byron: Not only did this 11-year-old Starling take a first in the Essay Contest but she has been doing remarkable things for Haiti as shown below. She will meet Edeline at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2011 Starlings National Tournament.
From Director Mary Beiler:
I just wanted to recognize one of our 12s players. Cassidy Lane, 5th grader, Santee 12s Jeff, was so moved by Edeline’s story about the school that she not only entered the Literary Art contest but has been doing her own fundraising to help donate to the cause. She made brownies and chocolate covered strawberries for one of the tournaments and raised $60 for the project. She is still working on other fundraisers now to raise more.

Pool Play schedule available

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Special thanks to Becky Hudson from Phoenix, who spent many hours as usual preparing the pools for Friday.

To download the pools as a PDF, click here.

2011 Starlings National Tournament

Pools, Locations and Start Times

AL = Alliant University CC = SDCC Harry West Gym SW = Sweetwater HS

Times given are START times. Teams should be on site no later than 1/2 hour before start time

Pool 12A Pool 12B Pool 12C
Sat, 3 pm, SW1 Sat, 3 pm, SW2 Sat, 3 pm, SW3
Monrovia Phoenix Amber Oakland
Santee – Jeff Eastlake Sandra Phoenix Josie
Oceanside Scripps Ranch Eastlake Cady

Pool 12D


Pool 12E


Pool 12F

Sat, 9 am, SW1 Sat, 9 am, SW2 Sat, 9 am, SW3
Tuba City South Bay Phoenix Adam
UC (San Diego) Eastlake Chelsea SD Navajo Steve
Santee Liz Phoenix David

Pool 14A


Pool 14B


Pool 14C

3 pm, Ct CC1 9 am, Ct AL3 9 am, Ct AL4
San Gabriel A Phoenix Doug Tuba City
Santee Kelvin Ridgecrest Nashville
UC (San Diego) Liz Tehachapi UC (San Diego) Dave
Oak Hills Kristina Eastlake Lisa Clairemont

Pool 14D


Pool 14E


Pool 14F

3 pm, Ct CC2 9 am, Ct CC1 3 pm, Ct AL1
Central Valley City of Los Angeles Hacienda Heights
Oakland Phoenix Kelly Oceanside Navy
Santee Amanda Mission Bay South Central LA
Oceanside White SD Navajo Rich Santee Casey

Pool 14G


Pool 14H


Pool 14I

3 pm, Ct CC3 9 am, Ct CC2 9 am, Ct CC3
Tijuana Phoenix September SD Navajo Randy
San Gabriel B SD Navajo Bob Oak Hills Trent
Oceanside Blue LA West Eastlake Ron
National City Scripps Ranch

Pool 16A


Pool 16B


Pool 16C

3 pm, Ct AL7 9 am, Ct AL12 9 am, Ct AL5
San Gabriel Phoenix Jason Tuba City
High Desert Scripps Ranch South Bay 16
Santee Karen Baltimore Eastlake
Louisville South Bay 15 South Los Angeles


Pool 16D Pool 16E Pool 16F1
9 am, Ct AL6 3 pm, Ct AL2 3 pm, Ct AL5
Ridgecrest Purple Hacienda Heights Emi Central Valley
UC (San Diego) Ridgecrest Gold SD Navajo
Tehachapi 16 Watsonville Oak Hills Shawna
Santee Mary Santee Robert

Pool 16F2


Pool 16G1


Pool 16G2

3 pm, Ct AL6 9 am, Ct AL7 9 am, Ct AL8
Hacienda Heights Tim City of Los Angeles Navy Oak Hills Tina
North Ontario San Diego City Victor Nashville
San Diego City Will Tehachapi 15 City of Los Angeles Gravy

Pool 16H1


Pool 16H2

3 pm, Ct AL4 3 pm, Ct AL3
Monrovia Oakland
Oceanside San Diego City Rachelle
Mission Bay SD Skyline

Pool 18A


Pool 18B


Pool 18C

3 pm, Ct AL9 3 pm, Ct AL10 9 am, Ct AL9
San Gabriel A Hacienda Heights Rich Phoenix Kati
Oceanside Cudahy Red UC (San Diego)
Oakland Clairemont Indianapolis
SD Skyline SD City Heights LA West

Pool 18D


Pool 18E


Pool 18F

3 pm, Ct AL11 9 am, Ct AL10 9 am, Ct AL11
Monrovia Omaha City of Los Angeles Navy
Mission Bay Nashville 1Central Valley
Tehachapi South Central LA Salton City
Point Loma City Los Angeles Gravy National City

Pool 18G


Pool 18H

3 pm, Ct AL12
Hacienda Heights Stacy
North Ontario
3 pm, Ct AL8
San Gabriel B
Cudahy Black
Suth Los Angeles A


2 or 3 team pools with corresponding pools will have challenge matches following their pool play for placement into the next phase/day of competition.

The 3 team pools without a corresponding pool will play 3 sets to 25. The match is determined when one team has won 2 sets. If the third set is not a deciding set the set will be played for competition on a court with an opponent and a referee. It is not optional.

2011 Literary/Art Contest winners

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Congratulations to the winner’s of the 2011 Starlings Literary/Art Contest!

Leilani Siale Vaimona Toki | North Ontario 18sThis year’s theme was “Project Edeline – How Can I Help?” Winners will be announced at the Opening Ceremony of the 14th annual Starlings National Tournament, and $1,000 in cash will be awarded.


1st – Leilani Siale Vaimona Toki | North Ontario 18s

2nd – Jenna Mendhenhall | Oak Hills 14s

3rd – Tiffany Tran | Oak Hills 16s



1st – Hannah Do | UC San Diego 14s

1st – Cassidy Lane | Santee 12s

1st – Amecia Young | Coach, Oakland

2nd – Heidi Kim | Oak Hills 14s

2nd – Hannah Clyde | Oak Hills 14s

2nd – Lauren Rewers | Monrovia 12s