Essay: Cassidy Lane,12s

Project Edeline-“How Can I Help?”

For a girl so young with dreams so big it seems that Edeline has already lived a lifetime. Let me tell you a little bit about what Edeline has been through. One day in Haiti a tragic earthquake hit while she was on the third story of a building. Sadly she was trapped in the debris for three days. Then a man rescued her and laid her down on the sidewalk. For the next three days she laid there with a broken neck and other back injuries. Finally she was driven in the backseat of a bumpy car to a hospital. In order to get the help she needed she had to go to another hospital. The doctors were amazed that she even survived with such bad injuries.

She needed physical therapy to become herself again which was not provided in Haiti. She was able to go to the United States to become whole again. Edeline’s story of courage and survival inspired me and I hope it’s inspired you too .Edeline’s mission is to go back to Haiti and build a new school there for all the kids who need her. The school they are building is going to teach K-6th grade. The children there will also get a meal everyday. Edeline will be there to make sure the school is doing well. I know how I can help raise money to go towards her project. I am going to sell candy bars at the tournaments, and have lemonade stands and bake sales.I hope you will join me by coming up with things that you can do to earn money to donate to Edeline’s Project.

-Cassidy Lane, 5th grade

Santee Starlings

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