Poetry: Monica Williams, 18s

What Can We Do?

Monica Williams, 11th Grade, Oakland

What can we do?
What should we do?

What can I do?
What should I do?

What can you do?
What should you do?

How can we help?
How can I help?
How can you help?

Tell us what to do.
Tell me what to do.
I’ll tell you what to do.

A quick text of ” Haiti ” will ease some pain
And don’t even act or feign
Like you don’t text EVERY SINGLE DAY
And believe me, you won’t be going out of your way.

Think about the recession we’re in
and oh, I’m sorry, is your wallet so thin
That you can’t double, triple, quadruple the loss
of the amount of lives and money across
the ocean?

And then perhaps if you have no money
And want to protect skin from a day too sunny
You’ll donate some clothes, some good ones at that,
We know your purse isn’t looking too fat.

Find someone who’s traveling there
And send them off with supplies and a prayer.
Weigh them down with whatever you can spare
Those destitute in Haiti are those with whom we have to share.

Most importantly, you’ve got to search
Perhaps speak to people at your church
Keep asking questions, those “why, why why?”
Because remember, Starlings needs to give ALL people a chance to fly.

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