Poem: Amecia Young, Coach

“Project Edeline – How Can I Help?” (PDF)

Someone asked me How Can I Help?
So I looked deep down inside myself.

I know there must be others who feel just like me
And know that a school will be great for Haiti.

So just like someone asked me, now I will ask others;
Who have more than enough and are spoiled by our mothers.

I will ask my friends and family to do what they can;
And explain that Project Edeline has a beautiful plan.

I will ask at church and at work if they will get onboard;
To share the wealth and the blessings that has come from the Lord.

When I say my prayers each day, I will be sure to ask God
To watch over this project because I know it will be hard.

I will ask everyone at my school to show that they care;
So when we shop for school supplies, we can pick up a spare.

To donate needed items to the kindergarten class;
Because we all know that pens and pencils goes fast.

And when I’ve asked everyone, I can plant another seed;
And ask Youth Without Borders what else do they need?

Amecia Young
Starlings Oakland 2000-2011
Alumni & Coach

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