Poem: Hannah Do, 14s

A Poem for Haiti
Hannah Do, UC San Diego 14s

Me, myself, I, for that’s all I seem to care
But this world is broken, more hearts seem to tear
Shattered homes and people, the more lives took
We can’t forget that day, when all of Haiti shook

The world moved on, they say they paid their respects
The earth treated Haiti, crushed like little insects
Raised oil prices and money, all around the world
We care more for these, than a dying Haitian girl

Disaster in Japan, Libya Revolutions to be free
In the media are these, but what about Haiti?
Its slowly being forgotten, an event of the past
In dire need of our help, without it they won’t last

Each of them yearn for a giving hand
Let’s show them what we got; it’s time to take a stand
Strength is in our nature; we can help each one
Kindness is such a beauty, like the rising sun

Whether from the west or east coast
Give it all you got; give it your most
Donate your heart, donate your time
Donate your head, and remember this rhyme

Haiti needs you, your sisters, and your friend
Your thoughts, words, and heart is what you lend
Once you know, yell it, so the world will also see
Believe it, we are Starlings and can help Haiti

I can feel it when I help, I can hear your heart sing
It makes me feel proud to be a Starling
There are people like Edeline who have inspired me
To give it my best and help those in Haiti

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