Essay: Sabrina Park, 12s

“What a Starling Can Do To Help Children in Haiti”

Sabrina Park – Grade: 6th – Starlings San Gabriel – 12’s Red

I imagine the whole world as a team and teams are suppose to encourage, support, and believe in each other and that is what Starlings can do to help the children in Haiti.

Starlings can do many things to make this happen from holding bake sales to raise funds for needed emergency supplies to holding a back-to-school drive and having our Starlings family collect school supplies. Everyone in Haiti would appreciate it because during the earthquake they lost everything and some don’t even have a family.

At volleyball practice we learn how to be team players through self-discipline and team work. We could use these skills to not only help ourselves but help others and if we work as a team we can really make a big difference. One very important thing we can do to help is by making others aware of the current problems that children in Haiti are facing and dealing with. The more aware people become the more likely they will want to contribute and make a difference for the children in Haiti.

Starlings can provide encouragement by spreading the word about the earthquake in Haiti. They can give and share some facts, pictures and stories about how children were affected by the earthquake. Also by giving facts it might make people feel guilty of all that they and their children have. Especially children because their parents buy them so many things and they might just want to stop being as greedy and donate toys and clothing to organizations who are donating items to Haiti.

Starlings can support or adopt a school to let the children in Haiti have an education. Most children in Haiti probably haven’t been in school since the earthquake happened and that was in January. All their schools were most likely destroyed and they have already lost months of learning. Providing a school with a supply of pencil, paper, and crayons would be welcomed by and teacher or student. The simplest of thing are the things that are most appreciated.

Starlings can also encourage the children in Haiti to believe that there is hope and that they will not be forgotten. The children probably have lost hope because most of them are homeless, have no family, and are starving. People are helping them everyday giving them food and caring for them, but they might not care for it because they just want their old lives back. The life that they had a few months ago and unfortunately for many their life will never be the same again. Starling can encourage the children of Haiti by sending them birthday or thinking about you cards. This will let them know that there are still people in the work thinking about them. This will make very happy children and happy people can make a lot of things go well.

The possibilities of what a Starling can do to help the children in Haiti are endless and it will just take a little commitment and little bit of our time to make a difference in the lives of children in Haiti.

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