Starlings coach does an Ironman

By · November 30, 2011 · Read More: Club News

Lacee is director and coach for us in San Francisco and her sister, Lindsay, coaches for us too. They are daughters, and ex-collegiate players, of my old friend and teammate, Danny Patterson.

Danny was founder of Paradise Bakery, which has sponsored most of our Arizona teams for many years.

Lacee shares the same determination and work ethic as her dad. Quite an accomplishment.


From: Lacee Phillips
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 10:36 PM
To: Byron Shewman
Subject: Hi!

Hi Byron!

Hope you’re doing well! It sounds, like always, that you have been busy. I thought of you because I just had my first “coaches meeting” for the start of the season. We hope to have 4 teams this year between San Francisco and Daly City. John Kast is the guy who sent you the email about getting in touch and he is great. He has more experience than I do with the logistics, so it will be great to have him on board.

On another note, I know my dad told you that I finished the AZ Ironman :) It has been quite the stretch as I’ve balanced teaching full time, training, and the family. There is nothing like the point in the run around mile 22 when you realize, ‘I AM going to finish’–it makes all the work with every minute. Anyway, my dad thought you might want a picture or two.

Looking forward to the start of another volleyball season :)

Happy belated Thanksgiving


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