Toledo Starlings’ Dr. Paat helps Haitian kids

By · January 17, 2014 · Read More: Uncategorized

patt-haitiDr. Rich Paat from the Toledo Starlings team made another trip down to Haiti to help the “Youth without Borders” cause. He brought in enough “kids without hunger” food packs to hopefully feed all the kids in the school for two months and also left health packs for the kids. The Toledo Starlings parents put together school supplies for the 15 unenrolled kids at the school that only get to sit outside the window of the school and try to learn by listening to the teacher. “Helping the least fortunate of the kids is what our Starlings program tries to accomplish,” Paat acknowledges. “I’d like to make another passionate plea to all of our Starlings Clubs to help sponsor the kids at Edeline’s School in Haiti.”

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